Deck & Fence Staining

Why get your Fence or Deck Treated by Making All Things New?

     Is your deck showing the effects of weather damage and age? Would you like to bring it back to its former beauty? Making All Things New can help.

     Your deck should be an outdoor living space where you gather with friends and family, not a place you have to worry about maintaining or a space that could cause injury.
      Professional staining beautifies and protects your wood investment for years to come. Staining can also be used to make your old wood look new again.  This is a much more cost effective method than a pricey new fence or New Deck.
     If you have an old, grey wood fence or Deck  that has seen better days, we can restore it to look like new again, usually in the 3 days.
     When you're ready to being your project, just call Justen at 402-570-5381 or email at 


Deck Staining:

*Power Wash

*Sand Where Needed

*Reset Nails

*Apply 2 Coats of Stain

Fence Staining:

*Power Wash

*Re-Attach Loose Boards

*Apply 2 Coats of Stain

The cleaning and restoration process

A wooden deck or fence is a considerable investment. Rot and decay can take their toll over time. Protect these structures by cleaning and restoring them regularly. When Making All Things New is on the job, you can expect the following steps:



Our process starts with an evaluation of your deck or fence by our sales staff. They are trained to determine the present condition of your deck or fence and recommend the appropriate treatment. A free estimate of the total cost for the project is provided.

Gentle power wash

Our power wash gently cleans your wood surface of all dirt, debris, mold and algae. Having a thoroughly clean surface ensures the best outcome for our conditioner and stain.

Condition the wood

After cleaning, we look over deck and sand any areas needing sanding. Our staff then tightens any loose screws or nails in preparation for staining.

Finish with environmentally friendly stain

Our crew will return to your project once the desk or fence has had ample time to dry. Before applying stain, we carefully protect your landscaping and sidewalks from any excess product. We then treat the wood with two wet-on-wet coats of TWP oil based stain and sealant.



Gutter Cleaning / Maintenance

Steve C.

"I sent in the request for gutter cleaning on Monday afternoon, and Justen had the gutters cleaned on Tuesday. Now, that's what I call speedy and good service!! Will do business with him again!"


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